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Spoke Wrench Heads

The perfect pairing for the Spoke Torque Wrenches

Precision machined and built to last.

Fasst Company’s Spoke Torque Wrench Heads are machined to precisely fit your bike’s nipple size. Our precise head tolerances minimize the opportunity to damage your nipples when maintaining your wheel. We do not produce our Heads to fit multiple nipples like other brands. Short cutting the Head applications, making a Head to fit multiple size nipples leads to rounded off and damaged nipples, which is not acceptable to us. In fact other companies that offer spoke torque wrenches design them to fit Fasst Company’s Heads as they know theirs will fail or they do not offer the actual size of Head for your nipple.


    1. Absolute precision

      Precise fit to your bike’s nipple.

    1. Vast applications

      12 Head Sizes available

  1. Lifetime warranty

    Lifetime warranty, if you break a Head, send it to us, we’ll replace it for free. Rider is responsible for all shipping costs. This excludes Spline Drive Heads as they can wear out over time.


Lifetime Warranty on materials and craftsmanship. If you break a Head, send it to us, we’ll replace it for free. (Rider is responsible for all shipping costs. This excludes Spline Drive Heads as they can wear out over time).

Application Chart

Beta Wrench Head Size
Moto/Offroad 6.8 F/R
Trials bikes 6.8 F/R
BMW Wrench Head Size
GS 650 5.6 F, 6.0 R
GS 800 6.0 F, 6.8 R
Gas Gas Wrench Head Size
Gas Gas -older models 6.0 F/R
2015-2019 6.0x F, 6.8
Trials bikes 6.0 F, 6.8 R
Honda* Wrench Head Size
CR 125/250/500: pre 2002 6.0 F, 6.3 R
CR 125/250/450F: 2002-present 6.0 F, 6.5 R
CRF 150: all 6.0 F/R
CR 80/85: all 6.0 F/R
XR 250/400/600/650R: all 6.0 F/R
XR/CRF 80/100: all 5.0 F/R
CRF 150/230: all 5.6 F/R
XR/CRF 50: all 4.0 F/R
* The 6.0 and 6.5 Heads are the correct Heads to use with our wrenches on any Honda calling out for either a 5.9 or 6.4 head size.
65 5.6 F/R
85/105 6.8 F/R
All models: 2000-2005 5.6 F, 6.0 R
All models: 2006-present 6.8 F/R
Kawasaki Wrench Head Size
KX 60/65: all 5.0 F/R
KX 80/85/100: 1999-present 6.0 F/R
KX 125/250/500: pre 1999 6.0 F, 6.3 R
KX 125/250/250F: 1999-2004 6.7 F/R
KX 125: 2005-2007 6.7 F/R
KX 250: 2005-2007 6.0 F, 6.7 R
KX250F/450F: 2006-present 6.0 F 6.5 R
KLX 250/300: all 6.0 F/R
KDX 200/220: all 6.0 F/R
KLR 650: all 6.0 F/R
KTM Wrench Head Size
All full size models 6.8 F/R
50/65: all 5.5 F/R
85/105 6.8 F/R
Sherco Wrench Head Size
All full size models 6.8 F/R
Suzuki Wrench Head Size
RM 80/85: all 5.0 F/R 85: 6.0 F/R
RM 125/250/RMZ250F: 2000-2004 6.2 F, 6.7 R
RM 125/250: 2005-present 6.2 F, 6.7 R
RMZ 250F/450F: 2005-present 6.2 F, 6.5 R
DR/DRZ 250/350: all 6.0 F/R
DRZ 400: 2000-present 6.2 F, 6.5 R
Moto/Off-road 6.0 F/R
Tusk 6.5 F/R
YZ/YZF/WR 125-250 / 250-400-426-450F: 1999-2004 6.2 F, 6.7 R
YZ 125/250: 2005-present 6.2 F, 6.5 R
YZ/WR 250F/450F: 2005 6.2 F, 6.7 R
YZF/WR 250F/450F: 2006-present 6.2 F, 6.5 R
YZ 80/85: all 5.6 F/R
YZ 65 5.0 F/R
TTR 250: all 5.6 F, 6.0 R
TTR 125: all 5.6 F/R
TTR 50: all 4.0 F/R
HARLEY-DAVIDSON** Wrench Head Size
Pre-1980 ** 5.6 F/R **
1980 to current ** 6.0 or 6.2 (see below) **
We have narrowed down the Harley-Davidson applications to 3 sizes, 5.6, 6.0, and 6.2. This has been very difficult due to the vast number of units sold. Above are the head sizes that Harley Davidson orders from us as well as the general size by decades. If you have any questions or feedback shoot us an email or call so we can get you the correct head for your wheels.
SplineDrive Wrench Head Size
Splinedrive Universal

Chart Key

  • F - fits front
  • R - fits rear
  • F/R - fits front and rear
  • Head sizes: 4.0, 5.0, 5.5, 5.6, 6.0, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.7, 6.8, 7.4 and Spline Drive.
  • We make heads to fit most nipple sizes. If your model is not listed or if you have any questions please call us at (562) 601-8119.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your wrench heads break?

No, since 1999 we can count the number of heads that broke on one hand. The few that did were used all day, every day, by a wheel manufacture using our Spoke Torque Wrench to build spoked car wheels that required a very high torque. 

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