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Rim Lock Spacers

Details with functionality.

Perfectionist? The Fasst Company Rim Lock Spacers provide our customers who have a love for detail with the perfect item to accompany your motorcycle's wheels.

Rim Lock Spacers, the first Fasst Company product produced, this is where it all got started. I (Cole) used these spacers as the product I was going to market in a marketing class my first semester at college. My Dad, actually made these in our garage on his mill and lathe for Factory Honda at the time.

Through our association with Factory Honda and soon after most other Factory and support teams we had our Rim Lock Spacers on everyone's bike.

Leading back to our core values of not producing bling but all Fasst Company products adding functional value, our Rim Lock Spacers spreads the load over the width of the rim where the rim lock locates therefore reducing stress that leads to the rim flattening out and stress cracking.


    1. Finely crafted

      Our Rim Lock Spacers are meticulously built from machined aluminum.

    1. Not just cosmetic

      Designed to evenly spread the rim lock load over the rim.

    1. One size, all applications

      Universal fit, from minis to full size motorcycles.

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