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Flexx Handlebars absorb shock and vibration, isolating your upper body from abuse, allowing you to ride longer, at a faster pace with more control. Simply put, you will have a better racing results, more fun riding or better time exploring with Flexx Handlebars controlling your day.

Flexx Handlebars literally smooth out the terrain, allowing you to focus on riding instead of merely holding on.  Tunable to your preferences, you'll never notice a properly set up Flexx Handlebar moving. Constrained, controlled, and consistent abuse reduction allows the rider confidence in interpreting what the bike is doing while smoothing out harsh terrain. You will feel better control, with the the bike massively smoothed out over bumps, square edges and hack. Instead of wasting energy and concentration trying to hang on you'll be able to focus on your riding, going faster, longer.

Although the design was originally intended to absorb catastrophic impacts for instance casing a jump or hitting a large “g-out”. The reality of the system’s performance is a massive reduction in shock and abuse transferred to the rider throughout all types of terrain.

 Our technology doesn’t happen by accident. It’s been honed, shaped, reviewed, tested and re-tested with the goal of more control with less abuse always in mind. The cumulative effects of our experience are offered in today’s Flexx Handlebar. We’ve eliminated maintenance, decreased friction and further reduced vibration to offer you an exceptional ownership experience that will allow you a better day of riding.

We take great pride in bringing you the only 100% American Made handlebar. Flexx Handlebars are a labor-intensive product. Exclusively constructed out of two different states of 7000 series aluminum; employing the latest technology in CNC machining and extrusion methods, our handlebars are made with the utmost hands-on precision and care. Strict tolerances are checked many times over by a highly qualified production crew, ensuring that every component of the Flexx Handlebar goes out our doors with unparalleled accuracy.


  1. Controlled and consistent

    By only articulating near the same plane as the forks in a natural motion for your body, riders do not notice the bar moving. This is an often over looked point as any other product that claims to absorb abuse does so in 360°, which is not consistent or controlled, creating a vague feeling. A rider will not notice a properly set up Flexx Handlebar, they will notice the front end tracking better, minimized abuse transferred and the ability to better focus on line selection instead of holding on.

  1. Dramatically reduces vibration

    The handle is completely isolated from touching metal to metal through the use of our Fiber Bushings at the pivot point as well as our Elastomers. Both the Fiber Bushings and Elastomers have vibration reduction characteristics engineered into them resulting in less vibration transferred to you.

  1. Tunable to your needs

    Our Compression and Rebound Elastomers absorb abuse typically transferred to your upper body. With 4 Compression and 3 Rebound Elastomers to choose from you can fine tune your Flexx Handlebar to suit your preferences.

  1. Component ready

    Numerous accessories available such as handguard mounts, rebound elastomer kits, dash boards, grips and more available in our store.


What's in the box

  1. Silver handlebar pad
  2. 3 sets of Compression Elastomers
  3. 2 set of Rebound Elastomers


Flexx Handlebar Bend Charts

  • Sweep

    Shown in degrees / millimeters
  • Mid-section Width

    Enduro bends will have 1" narrower (B) measurement
  • Overall Width

    Measured from handle end to handle end in inches
  • Height

    High / low / standard measured in millimeters

Flexx Handlebar Notations and Definitions

  • Cross Reference bar chart Please see the bottom of the page for a complete cross reference list of popular bar bends from other manufactures as well as OEM offerings. Please email or call us if you don’t see the bend cross reference you are looking for or you need help choosing the correct bend.
  • Damper Crossbars Arched crossbars to accommodate over the bar steering dampers. Damper Crossbars can be added to any Flexx Handlebar. Sub/Fender Mount dampers do not require use of damper crossbars.
  • Enduro Bends Our Enduro bends have a 1" narrower mid section shown as measurement (B) with full length handles of our Moto bend, providing plenty of room to trim to your desired width.
  • Handle Length All Moto and Enduro bends offer 9” of handle room over an inch more than a traditional 7/8" or taper style bar.
  • Accessory Applications Flexx Handlebar can be used with enduro computers, trip computers, GPS, steering dampers, roll charts, etc., etc. We offer a dash in our store section that will easily accommodate most GPS.
  • Super Tenere/Adventure Bends The Super Tenere/Adventure bends are built on our narrow center section with longer handles, offering a full 10inches of handle room, easily accommodating all of your stock controls. We recommend Tenere customers use a threaded bar weight anchor to mount their stock bar weight/end caps. We offer threaded bar anchors in our store.  Any sweep can be built as a Tenere/Adventure bend.
  • Low Bar Low Bar-The Low bends are incredibly low at 63mm of height. Low bends require 19mm of clearance between the bottom of the bar and the fork caps. Low bends are designed to used with a under bar damper, bringing the bar height down to 10mm lower than stock height in most applications.
  • All Flexx Handlebars require a 1 1/8" bar clamps.
  • All bars are shipped with silver bar pads – many other colors are available.



Handlebar Bend Options

10 Degree Bends(A) Sweep(C) Width(D) HeightPart Number
10° Moto Low 10° / 40 32 62 FL-1000-10-32
10° Moto – 2003-2008 KTM 10° / 40 32 92 FL-1001-10-32
10° Moto Damper Crossbars 10° / 40 32 92 FL-1001-10-32SD
10° Enduro Low 10° / 40 31 63 FL-1000-10-31
10° Enduro 10° / 40 31 92 FL-1001-10-31
10° Enduro Damper Crossbars 10° / 40 31 92 FL-1001-10-31SD
10° Enduro High 10° / 40 31 116 FL-1003-10-31
10° Enduro High Damper Crossbars 10° / 40 31 116 FL-1003-10-31SD
10° Moto High 10° / 40 32 116 FL-1003-10-32
10° Moto High Damper Crossbars 10° / 40 32 116 FL-1003-10-32SD
10° Mini High 10° / 40 29 116 FL-1002-10-29
10° Mini High Damper Crossbars 10° / 40 29 116 FL-1002-10-29SD
10° Mini Low 10° / 40 29 63 FL-1000-10-29
10° Mini 10° / 40 29 92 FL-1001-10-29
10° Mini Damper Crossbars 10° / 40 29 92 FL-1001-10-29SD
12 Degree Bends(A) Sweep(C) Width(D) HeightPart Number
12° Moto Low 12° / 54 32 63 FL-1000-12-32
12° Moto 12° / 54 32 92 FL-1001-12-32
12° Moto Damper Crossbars 12° / 54 32 92 FL-1001-12-32SD
12° Enduro Low 12° / 54 31 63 FL-1000-12-31
12° Enduro 12° / 54 31 92 FL-1001-12-31
12° Enduro Damper Crossbars 12° / 54 31 92 FL-1001-12-31SD
12° Enduro High 12° / 54 31 116 FL-1003-12-31
12° Enduro High Damper Crossbars 12° / 54 31 116 FL-1003-12-31SD
12° Moto High 12° / 54 32 116 FL-1003-12-32
12° Moto High Damper Crossbars 12° / 54 32 116 FL-1003-12-32SD
12° Mini High 12° / 54 29 116 FL-1002-12-29
12° Mini High Damper Crossbars 12° / 54 29 116 FL-1002-12-29SD
12° Mini 12° / 54 29 92 FL-1001-12-29
12° Mini Damper Crossbars 12° / 54 29 92 FL-1001-12-29SD
12° Mini Low 12° / 54 29 63 FL-1000-12-29
14 Degree Bends(A) Sweep(C) Width(D) HeightPart Number
14° Moto Low 14° / 57 32 63 FL-1000-14-32
14° Moto 14° / 57 32 92 FL-1001-14-32
14° Moto Damper Crossbars 14° / 57 32 92 FL-1001-14-32SD
14° Enduro Low 14° / 57 31 63 FL-1000-14-31
14° Enduro 14° / 57 31 92 FL-1001-14-31
14° Enduro Damper Crossbars 14° / 57 31 92 FL-1001-14-31SD
14° Enduro High 14*/57 31 116 Fl-1003-14-31
14° Enduro High Damper Crossbars  14*/57 31 116 FL-1003-14-31SD
14° Moto High 14° / 57 32 116 FL-1003-14-32
14° Moto High Damper Crossbars 14° / 57 32 116 FL-1003-14-32SD
14° Mini High 14° / 57 29 116 FL-1003-14-29
14° Mini High Damper Crossbars 14° / 57 29 116 FL-1003-14-29SD
14° Mini Low 14° / 57 29 92 FL-1001-14-29
14° Mini Low Damper Crossbars 14° / 57 29 92 FL-1001-14-29
15 Degree Bends(A) Sweep(C) Width(D) HeightPart Number
15° Moto 15° / 62 32 92 FL-1001-15-32
15° Moto Damper Crossbars 15° / 62 32 92 FL-1001-15-32SD
15° Enduro 15° / 62 31 92 FL-1001-15-31
15° Enduro Damper Crossbars 15° / 62 31 92 FL-1001-15-31SD
15º Enduro High 15° / 62 31 116 FL-1003-15-31
15º Enduro High Damper Crossbars 15° / 62 31 116 FL-1003-15-31SD
15° Moto High 15° / 62 32 116 FL-1003-15-32
15° BMW 15° / 62 31 116 FL-1003-15-31
15° Adventure Damper Crossbars 15° / 62 32 116 FL-1003-15-32SD
15° Super Tenere/Adventure 15° / 62 32.5 116 FL-1004-15-32.5
15° Mini High 15° / 62 29 116 FL-1002-15-29
15° Mini High Damper Crossbars 15° / 62 29 116 FL-1002-15-29SD
15° Mini Low 15° / 62 29 92 FL-1001-15-29
15° Mini Low Damper Crossbars 15° / 62 29 92 FL-1001-15-29SD
19 Degree Bends(A) Sweep(C) Width(D) HeightPart Number
19° Moto 19° / 80mm 32/812 92 FL-1001-19-32
19° BMW 19° / 80mm 31/787 116 FL-1003-19-31
19° Super Tenere/Adventure 19° / 80mm 32.5/825.5 116 FL-1004-19-32.5


Popular Bends from Other Brands (Cross Reference)

Model(A) Sweep(C) Width(D) HeightComparable Flexx Handlebar
CR High 62 795 95 15° Moto
RC High 54 802 119 12° Moto High
971 54 802 99 12° Moto
RC 54 802 99 12° Moto
Windham/MC 57 803 92 14° Moto
YZF 2007-2012 62 795 90 15° Moto
Jimmy Button 67 807 110 15° Moto High
Stewart 55 805 93 12° Moto


OEM Cross Reference

Manufacturer / ModelComparable Flexx HandlebarNotes 
CR 85 12° Mini Requires oversize mounts
CRF 150 12° Mini Requires oversize mounts
CRFX 05-09 12° Moto Requires oversize mounts
CRF 250/450 12° Moto Requires oversize mounts
XR 400 14° Moto Requires oversize mounts
XR 650 14° Moto Requires oversize mounts
KX 65 12° Mini Requires oversize mounts
KX 85/100 12° Mini Requires oversize mounts
KX 125/250 12° Moto Requires oversize mounts
KX 250/450F 12° Moto Requires oversize mounts
KTM 03-08 SX/XC/XCW 10° Enduro  
KTM SX/SXF 09-12 10° Enduro  
KTM XC/XCW/EXC 09-12 14° Enduro  
KTM 85/105 10° MiniHigh  
KTM 65 12° Mini High  
KTM 50 SX 10° Mini  
RM 85 12° Mini Requires oversize mounts
RM 125/250 14° Moto Requires oversize mounts
RMZ 250/450 14° Moto  
DRZ 250/400/650 15° Moto Requires oversize mounts
Yamaha YZF/WR 15° Moto  
YZ 85 14° Mini Requires oversize mounts

Warranty Program

We are able to offer our 50% off warranty program because we have so few damaged bars. If you’ve crashed hard enough to damage your Flexx Handlebar we would like to help you get rolling again.

We appreciate your business and want you to have an exceptional experience with our company. Our mission has always been to build products that help you have a better day riding. We tell you the truth first, the things other companies are scared or resistant to telling you, because we value our relationship with you and want it based on honesty.

Why we do not offer replaceable parts for Flexx Handlebars

We get this question a lot. Due to the modular construction of the Flexx Handlebar it is easy to assume replaceable parts are available. We do not offer the main structural components, which are the center and handles sections, for several reasons. If a main component of the Flexx Handlebar has been damaged the whole system has taken a major shock which could result in a stress riser forming in a separate component than the one showing damage.This stress riser could allow the bar to fail while you are riding, which is something we want to keep from happening to you. By only offering complete bars we put you in a safer position, which is our #1 concern. The cost of replacing one of the main structural componets plus required hardware at retail pricing adds up to about the same as our 50% off warranty price for a brand new bar. 

Warranty Program Details

If your Flexx Handlebar has been damaged we would like to offer you our damage replacement program for a period of one year from the time of purchase. This program allows you to purchase a Flexx Handlebar System at 50% off the retail price plus the cost of shipping when you send your old Flexx Handlebar to us.

How to send your bars in

  • Remove the Flexx Handlebar you wish to submit for warranty. Please do not clean any mud, grease or debris for the Flexx Handlebar, we want to receive it just the way it hit the ground.
  • Call us for a RA# (877) 306-1801
  • Attach a note to the Flexx Handlebar with your name, address, RA#, and phone number.
  • Send your Flexx Handlebar to:
  • Fasst Company Attn: Warranty Dept. 1337 South 1900 East Washington, UT 84780

Exceptions to the program

The Flexx Handlebar 50% off warranty program is only available to the original purchaser of the Flexx Handlebar. It is not available to second hand owners. We do not condone buying used Flexx Handlebars. We strongly discourage customers from purchasing used handlebars. Think of handlebars as you would a helmet, would you buy a used helmet? (of course not!) By not knowing how handlebars were previously cared for, treated, or crashed on you are opening yourself up to a potential failure.

Our warranty program does not apply to Flexx Handlebars that have been bought second hand. We have seen a damaged handlebars sold to unsuspecting customers online, ending in disappointment for the trusting customer.

Manufacturer Warranty

This product is warranted against manufacture defects for a period of 180 days from the purchase date. If you feel your Flexx Handlebar has a manufacturing defect please send the Flexx Handlebar and proof of purchase to us. Please note: this does not cover the product being installed incorrectly, neglected, cut, trimmed, altered, abused or damaged from crashing.

Servicing your Flexx Handlebars

Flexx Handlebars manufactured prior to August 2010 do require routine maintenance to the pivot points to maintain consistent performance.

Please find a step by step video below, walking you through how to properly maintain your Flexx Handlebar. In the right column are also specific instructions on how to service your Flexx Handlebar.

Factory Fresh Service

We also offer our free Factory Fresh in-house service program for your Flexx Handlebars. This service requires you OBTAIN an RA# from us, as well as read, print and sign our Service Order Form. Next ship us your bars with the RA# and signed release form, Attn: Factory Fresh. The Factory Fresh service program for Flexx Handlebars is free with the purchase of a Service Kit. The Factory Fresh program consists of disassembling and cleaning your Flexx Handlebars, a thorough servicing of the pivots and reassembly with a Flexx Handlebar Service Kit. The Service Kit consists of new o-rings, clips, bolts, washers, and nuts as well the compression and rebound elastomers of your choice at a cost of $24.99. Please note that this is only a clean and lube job, in no way does this make your handlebar stronger, last longer or take away any prior damage/neglect. If your Flexx Handlebar is damaged in anyway we will inform you of the damage and what your options are. We will not return damaged handlebars to you as it is a safety concern and liability to yourself.

Proper Handle Resistance

Your handles may have some drag or resistance when the elastomer is removed. The drag is caused by the exacting tolerance required for the Flexx Handlebar to offer the utmost in control and reliability. Flexx Handlebar pivot points are most likely the most exacting tolerance on your entire machine and must be so. Too large of a tolerance will not the yield the precise control you as a rider require to perform at your best. It is not only acceptable but preferred to have some drag on the handles. Each side of every Flexx Handlebar System is measured with a strain gauge to be sure the resistance of each handle is within our tolerance. If your bar rebounds to its present ride height after being compressed you should be good to go. If you have any questions concerning this please contact us. *If your pivot pins are damaged they will need to be replaced. A Pivot Pin kit is an additional $20. Download the Service Order Form

The Step by Step Service Process

Two key things to remember

1) Do not mix the pivot pins up. The left pin needs to go back in the left hole, and the right pin in the right hole. We separate our pins and hone our pivot holes to .0001 of an inch. It is crucial to have proper fitment of each pin so there is not front to back play.

2) The second key point is do not strike the pivot pin directly with a hammer, press or any other form of tool. A dowel or punch must be used to protect the pivot pin from "mushrooming". If you do not have a proper dowel or punch to match the pivot pin diameter you can use an old bolt to protect the pin.

Tools Required

  • 12 or 13mm wrench
  • 6mm allen
  • c-clip pliers
  • punch
  • hammer or press (air hammer is preferred, but not required)
  • safety glasses
Servicing your Flexx Handlebar can be done on or off the machine. It is easier to do off the machine if you have a proper vise. Be sure if you do place the Flexx Handlebar in a vise you use plastic jaws or a similar product to protect the Flexx Handlebar from being damaged by the jaws. It is also important to note that whenever working with c-clips that proper safety eyewear is worn. C-clips have a tendency to fly off at warp speed when being removed or installed and although we know you want your Flexx Handlebar to perform as it is intended to it is not worth losing an eye over!
  1. Remove the elastomer nuts, slide the bolts back, then remove the elastomers.
  2. Remove the rear c-clips and rear crossbar.
  3. Tap the pivot pins forward slightly which allows easier access to the front c-clips. Remember not to strike the pivot pins directly.
  4. Remove the front c-clips and front crossbar.
  5. Now drive the pins completely out. Again, be sure not to strike or press on the pivot pin directly. Do not mix the pins up.
  6. Clean pivot holes and pivot pins. Remove the old o-rings and replace with new ones.
  7. Lube the pivot pins as well as pivot holes with anti-seize.
  8. Place the pivot pin in the back side of the bar, square to the bore. You will know the pin is square to the bore when it will not rock easily up, down, or to the side without applying force.
  9. Now tap the pivot pin all the way through the handle out the other side. It is easiest to replace the c-clips if the pin is extended out slightly past the crossbar.
  10. Place one o-ring on the front, outside of each pin, and then place the crossbars on to the pins. The extra 0-ring will keep the crossbars from vibrating. You may need to place an extra o-ring on the back side as well.
  11. Install the front crossbar and c-clips. Carefully tap the pins back until the c-clip is against the crossbar.
  12. Install the rear crossbar and clips. Be sure all of the clips are securely in their designated groove by pulling the crossbars away from each other.
  13. Install nuts, bolts and elastomers.

Flexx Service Video Instructional

The most commonly asked questions about Flexx Handlebars

Will the Flexx Handlebar work with steering dampers?

Yes, the Flexx Handlebar will work with steering stabilizers from all manufactures. To be able to use an over the bar stabilizer with Flexx Handlebars you need to replace the straight crossbars with steering damper crossbars. For new orders your bars can be built with damper crossbars at no extra charge. If you are an existing Flexx Handlebar rider and need to order damper crossbars please call us or order in our store.


What handguard options do you have for the Flexx Handlebar?

There are several handguard options available. Our Simple Solution Hand Guards are the no hassle, easy to bolt-on solution that takes the frustration out of mounting guards. We also offer our Handguard Hitch which is an external mount that bolts to the pivot pin and allows you to use most brands of wrap around handguards. 

Do any other handguard systems work on Flexx Handlebars?

Flexx Handlebars will accept any handle mounted "flag" or roost deflection guard given you have enough handle room. Most Flexx Handlebar riders have plenty of room as Flexx Handlebars offer 9" of handle room while a traditional bar only offers 8". Handguards that mount off the bar mount or triple clamp will also work with Flexx Handlebars if set up so the handguard will pivot on a shoulder bolt. Please email or call if you have further handguard mounting questions.


Which bend is similar to....?

See our Bends tab for a large listing of comparisons. We locw to help you select the correct bend for your ergonomic needs, shoot us a call or email to discuss them. 


How often do they need serviced?

Flexx Handlbars purchased after July 2010 are maintenance free. If you purchased Flexx Handlebars after July 2010, you do not need to service your bars at all. The current generation of Flexx Handlebars utilize a fiber bushing to prevent the need for any service or maintenance. To check to make sure you have the newer version, quickly remove your crossbars and look for the bushing encompassing the pivot pin.

Flexx Handlebars pre-July 2010 require regular maintenance. If you're like most people and use a pressure washer to clean your bike or ATV regularly, the Flexx Handlebar pivot pins should routinely checked for proper articulation and serviced if needed. We also offer a free service through our Factory Freshprogram. Also note, lack of maintenance to the pivot is not a cause for warranty.



 Proper Tie-down Usage


Rebound Elastomer Kit Installation


What Sweep do you have?


Dr. Ergo: Handlebar Ergonomics with Cole Townsend

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